Letter From The Prez

I hope you enjoy this site. I'd like to apologize for taking so long to get it updated. Unfortunately most of my time lately has been dedicated to ensuring the cinema opens sometime soon...

We're going through great lengths to bring you, the moviegoer, an excellent value side-by-side with high quality. All of our cinemas are fully equipped with Dolby Stereo-Surround sound and extremely well maintained projection equipment to ensure you will have crisp, clear sound and picture with no interruptions.

In general, Trainor Entertainment provides consulting for wide-area computer networking. However, cinema has always been a part of my life. I've built private screening rooms utilizing the finest in motion-picture projection and sound equipment as a hobby of mine for a few years now. But, being able to open a cinema for the general public has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. When the Meadowbrook Cinema closed, many of the local newspapers carried articles describing the closure a great loss to the community. After reading these I thought it would be a great idea to try to revive the cinema. Boy, I had no idea what kind of mess I was getting into. :)

The story with the Limelight begins in March when I read in the newspaper that the Meadowbrook Cinema had closed its doors. Not believing that the cinema couldn't be profitable decided to undergo a rather large project: Cleaning up and renovating the Meadowbrook. After several weeks of negotiation with the landlord we signed the lease. The project now begins. Our goal: To have the Cinema back to life as a high quality, clean, and trouble-free movie theater that comes close to the moviegoing experience you get in a First-Run cinema. This is obviously no easy feat. The landlord filled a 15yard dumpster just with the garbage left behind from the previous tenant. We filled 2 15yard dumpsters with the old rug, wallcoverings and other various things that we felt needed to be trashed. We've spent weeks just cleaning the place out before we even started putting new stuff in.

We've removed all the ceiling tiles in the lobby, trashed all the rugs and ripped down all that dusty, smelly burlap that was on the theater walls. The candy counter and ticket booth were cleaned up substantially and reworked a bit to make it easier and faster to buy tickets and food. We repainted the lobby with a nice light blue color, fresh new ceiling tiles and brighter lights to help make the lobby a lot brighter and cleaner.

In the cinemas we replaced all the burlap on the walls with a nice acoustical and fire-rated wall carpet. We also went through about 3 gallons of FeBreeze and other cleaners on the seats to rid the place of the stench. In Cinema 1 we replaced the 30 year old screen with a new Technikote screen. All three cinemas got new speakers as well. Cinema 1 has all new Klipsch Professional Cinema speakers totaling over four thousand dollars. Cinema 2 and 3 have new JBL Screens speakers. We even fixed up the exit doors so they open. (what a concept, emergency doors you can open).

As for that nasty popcorn machine that was in the Meadowbrook, well... it's gone. We're looking to get a nice new one now. With any luck it'll arrive before we open. (would really be interesting to have a movie theater open without a popcorn machine, but it might just happen for a week or two).

Now, a few people have asked why we changed the name. "Everyone knows the place as the Meadowbrook", or "It's in the Meadowbrook shopping center". Well, we changed it for two reasons. First, since we didn't buy the business from the former owners, we don't actually own the rights to the name "Meadowbrook Cinema". Second, I really wanted to break the string. Everyone I've talked to always relates the name "Meadowbrook Cinema" as a dump. Since we're working so hard to make the theater a nice, clean and high-quality place to go we wanted to distance ourselves from the image of the Meadowbrook.

So, you ask, why did I choose "Limelight Cinemas" as the name? Well, hmm... that's not too easy to answer. Unfortunately there isn't anything really behind coming up with that name. Myself and several friends of mine racked our brains for weeks trying to come up with a nifty name for the place and the few we came up with were already taken. Limelight was suggested by someone and I just ran with it. OK, now you ask "what the heck is limelight". Well, the Limelight was a kind of stage light similar to a spotlight that was used before electricity to light the performers on a stage.

Well, I hope I've provided you with some insight to the theater, and I also hope you'll stop in after we open. Please feel free to send me any of your comments, suggestions or questions. I can be easily reached at chris@trainor.net.

  Contact Info
For showtimes, directions or special event info: (401) 736-6161
For the General Manager and additional info: (401) 736-0918
email: limelight@trainor.net

Admission Info
General Admission for regular shows is $4.00/adults &
/seniors and children under 12.

Matinee Admission (regular shows starting between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM is $3.50 for adults, $3.00 for seniors and children under 12 years of age.

Midnight Cult Films are $5.00

Some shows may have different admission rates due to contracts or events. Any change in admission price will be posted on this website and in our theatre lobby.

Company Info
Limelight Cinemas is wholly owned by Trainor Entertainment, LLC of Greenville, Rhode Island.

Corporate Office Phone: (401) 949-4773
Corporate Office Fax: (401) 949-4879